Cook Fest Fortnight

I’m off work on holiday for 2 weeks (yay!) we are not going anywhere this year for several reasons..

  • Trying to save money plus we cant afford to go anywhere.
  • Lots growing and going on in the garden and greenhouse that would probably die if we went away for 2 weeks
  • Our niece is over from Greece staying with us for 2 weeks
  • Too many animals to put into kennels and cattery, would be more expensive than our holiday!

Sooo.. rather than spend a  small fortune feeding us all for 2 weeks, I have given myself a mamoth challenge of feeding a family of 5 with what I’ve got in the cupboards/fridge & freezer for the next 2 weeks… It should be achieveable because I’ve got lots of store cupboard essentials.

I’m making bread twice a day, thank god for the invention of the bread maker, I have been trying out different recipes from a book that I picked up cheap in the sales last year and they are all turning out quite well I have to say…  pictures to follow of the different kinds once I get the camera organised.

Everyday I also try to make a pudding for after tea, and make a fruit loaf / cakes / biscuits for having with a cuppa.. I’ve made the following so far…

Scottish Shortbread

Banana, Coconut & Choc Chip Loaf x 2

Aunty Molly’s Fruit Loaf x 1 (used sultanas, cranberries and chucked in a few dried prunes)

Breadsticks (poppy & sesame seed varieties) – the kids scoffed them last night with chilli dipping sauce and Salsa.

Lemon & Raspberry Trifle (got the kids to pick wild rasps from the woods for this)…

I made everyone real drinking chocolate last night (with the couture chocolate that I got from one of my Suma co-op meets) It went down a treat, so I have a feeling it will be high on the agenda most evenings with the kids… they loved watching me make it.

I feel that i’m never out of the kitchen at the moment, but I have to say i’m really enjoying it…


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