A Busy Wee Day

Today has been a really busy wee day.

This morning we had a home visit for something that we have in the pipeline, it went well (I think).. At least we have the ball rolling and we are loking forward to progressing with our plans.

This afternoon the kids went out ten pin bowling with their gran and grandad, they also had their tea there too and were dropped off around 7pm ish.

This allowed me and my other half to have a relaxing afternoon together, which was great.  First of all we went along to the pet shop to pick up dog food and rabbit food, then we popped along to the post office to send away a parcel that someone bought from me on ebay… From there we headed back home and had our tea in peace and quiet… felt strange not having the kids around and the usual chaos that ensues every tea time!

This evening I was back in the kitchen,  I made chocolate Brandy Truffles and Coconut Ice… also and made the kids supper, which was chicken fajitas which was left over from tea time and no sooner had they finished that and they were moaning they were hungry again… so off they went upstairs armed with a bag of crisps each and a bowl full of cajun spiced chickpeas that I made yesterday and a large glass of juice each..

This has given me the chance to update my blog for the day..



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