Cakes, Bread & Car Smashes

What an eventful day its been and its only 4pm!

Started off this morning with a phonecall from my other half at 7.30am, he had written his van off on the motorway, thank god neither he or anyone else was injured, a lorry driver who had been travelling behind and saw it all said that it was a miracle, his van did a couple of 360 degree turns hitting the central reservation twice and missed 3 other cars in the process…… and the driver who instigated it all by honking his horn and flashing his lights.. well he continued to drive! .. a combination of his stupidity and wet and greasy roads.. .. … rant over…

 I didnt bother going back to bed after that shock to the system, so I went downstairs and got stuck into the kitchen, the laundry is now all done, just got to iron it and the dishwasher has been on twice…

Its my daughters 15th birthday this weekend and she wants a party in the house, so I have been preparing for that tomorrow, I got myself into baking mode and have made the following so far…

Fairy Cakes (jumbo muffin sized ones)

heart shaped Custard Cream Biscuits

Ciabatta Loaves x 2 (they will be turned into garlic & basil bread tomorrow)

Wholemeal Rolls x 12

I make cards … so I made her a birthday card too, tried to prise my son off the xbox360 to make her a card but no luck so far lol

I’ll pop back later on this evening and post some piccies of the goodies I made… I have to make a birthday cake too so thats my next challenge in the kitchen


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