Baby Pigeons… Brood No. 3


Our resident Wood Pigeon has produced another brood… 2 wee babies this time, gosh they dont stay small for long!

 This one likes to sit at the front of the conifer trees, whilst its lovely to have it around, boy does it make some mess! Lets just say this one is well fed!

2 thoughts on “Baby Pigeons… Brood No. 3

  1. Hi, my son fetched home a baby wood pigeon 3 days ago.It carn`t fly it has all its fethers,with little yellow hairs all over it,so i dont know how old it is. I`ve been giving it water from a pipet and puting pigeon food in its mouth so it wood eat,it does not like me doing it,but if i dont it wont eat.I dont know if am doing the right thing. Could you email me back with some info please. thankyou.

  2. Hi There Donna…

    I’m no expert when it comes to raising wood pigeon, the parents have done a grand job so far.

    I have baby chickens at the moment and I am feeding them poultry chick crumb, which is inside a feeder and they help themselves when they are hungry…

    I’m not sure what to feed a baby pigeon, Once I get home from work today I will do a bit of research for you.

    What is in the pigeon food that you bought? is it a grain/corn/peas/pellet type mix?

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