Reducing My Carbon Footprint

 I have, for the past while, been taking measures to make significant reductions to my carbon footprint.

The Latest part of this task is leaving my car at home and opting to travel to work by train…..  I am pleased to report that it is working out really well.   I’m now into week 4 and I can honestly say that I do prefer it!

It’s roughly a one mile walk from my house to the train station, and once I arrive over in Edinburgh, I can either walk another mile to my work, or jump onto the courtesy shuttle bus that is laid on by my place of work.   So on miserable days like today I do take advantage of the bus, but when the weather is fair I walk it.

The return journey is much easier now,  as I car share on the way home and get dropped off at my front foor, which is great.

Although I feel what I have done so far is great, there is the option to reduce it a wee bit further..

The kids now also get the bus to school instead of me dropping them off every monring, so they are doing their wee bit too :o)

3 thoughts on “Reducing My Carbon Footprint

  1. Excellent. I’m always pleased when I find someone else who is kicking the car habit and using their feet, a bike or public transport to get about.

    Every car trip saved is not only a benefit to the environment, but it also reduces traffic and makes the roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for your comments Stoney.

    Its just a shame more people dont think the same way as we do…

    I’m kinda glad i’ve given up the car, I was beginning to feel rather unsafe on the roads, I’d always considered myself to be a considerate and careful driver, but in the last year I have been in 2 car smashes, both resulting in my car recieving a hit to the rear whilst stationery… both not my fault!

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