Porridge Convert! What do you put in yours?

The cafe at my place of work has recently undergone a refurbishment  and I have to say its a million times better than it was.

I dont normally have time in the mornings at home to have a proper breakfast, what with making sure the kids get out to school on time, the cats, dogs and chickens are fed before I leave for work, so my daughter usually makes me a cup of tea (she’s a good lass).

So once I get to work I head down to the cafe for some breakfast, and since the refurbishment they have started to do porridge, now I remember trying it a long time ago and I really didnt like it.   They have two options on offer.. “skinny porridge” and “indulgent” porridge with various different types of toppings (pear, apple & sultana & brokenTablet bits!) so I thought what the hell, i’ll give it another try… and I actually quite liked it!  …. so I am now a porridge convert :o)

The manager in the cafe was telling me that porridge bars are the latest thing in America, whereby they have loads and loads of toppings to choose from!

This morning, I wandered up the garden and picked a couple of stalks of rhubarb, gave them a wash, chopped them up and stewed them with some sugar ready to become the lastest topping to try with my porridge., ( http://www.oatmealofalford.com/  ) a traditional stoneground Oatmeal… I wasnt dissapointed, it was absolutely gorgeous!  and whats even better is i’ve managed to convert the kids too.

Wonder what I can put on it tomorrow ……..


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