Handmade Card – Smile


I’ve been making cards again this afternoon, purely to take my mind off the fact that our new chicken Dugie flew over the fence is now 2 gardens away!  We cant catch her because she is too flighty and not used to being handled yet.. Luckily the neighbours garden that she is in are out at the moment .. but ive posted a note through their door.

We are scared to try and retrieve her because if she flies over the their fence its onto the main road (eeek)!  The kids are up to 90 and its all they can think or talk about … hence the card making to chill me out lol

I’m just having to sit tight and pray to god that she comes home to roost tonight!


One thought on “Handmade Card – Smile

  1. UPDATE:

    One of our neighbours (who also keeps chookies) rangthe door bell just as it was getting dark to say that our chicken was running around in the cul-de-sac..

    Armed with my long black raincoat (which I wear to work and had just washed) after about 20 mins I managed to corner her up the side of my neighbour across the road’s garden, I was in a right flap because if she had decided to fly up she would have been straight onto the main road.. I threw my coat over her half missed and just had to make a grab for her, managed to catch her by her leg, bloody hell she’s fast!

    So she is now snug and safe back in our pink eglu…

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