Julie’s Apple Crumble


Back in September, my daughter Sarah and I attended a knittin day which was oranised by our eco-friendly group www.neeps.co.uk and apart from learning to cast on properly (thanks Julie).. everyone who goes along usually brings something along to eat..

Well this is where this recipe comes from… Julie, made this amazing apple crumble and she so very kindly shared her recipe… I’m sure if you make this you wont regret it.


A layer of cooked apples (I used Discovery because they were seasonal, british and my favourites) sweetened to taste.
4oz butter
4oz sugar
8oz porridge oats
Cinnamon – to taste

Rub the butter into the dry ingredients – takes seconds in a food processor.

Place on top of fruit layer.

Bake until golden brown.

Eat lots.

Finish the rest for breakfast and don’t let the kids get there first Vary these quantities in proportion to one another if you want to make a smaller pudding.
Its Also good with other seasonal fruit.


2 thoughts on “Julie’s Apple Crumble

  1. I really like your blog, especially the photos you include. I just started my cooking blog about a month ago so I’m always curious to see how others are preenting and enriching their content. Yours is one of the better ones I’ve visited. Keep up the good work! In case you’d care to visit mine, it’s at capesanblascookbook.com .

  2. Thank you for your kind comments Sherri.. I love to cook and bake, and this is my way of recording my results, plus I get to share all my tried and tested recipes with anyone who cares to visit my blog.

    Thank you for popping by… I shall be visiting your website very soon..

    Take Care


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