What do you call yours?


……. What do you call your Springer Spaniel?

 We chose the name Chunky for our gorgeous wee boy, because when we went to see the litter of pups, when asked by the breeder which puppy we had decided on… I said I really like that wee chunky boy over there… and it kinda stuck lol …

 This picture was taken at the weekend when the sun was streaming through the lounge window, chunky was alert watching our cat hovis having a mad half our on the staircase and I just couldnt resist taking his picture (again!) :o)

11 thoughts on “What do you call yours?

  1. Hi! Found this pic via google images – lovely! In reply to your question, our springer is called Sir Lancelot Spratt, but Spratt for short, Spratty when he’s being very sweet and SPRATT! when he won’t stop sniffing my feet!

  2. i have recently got a springer called molly. not original but she likes it:D
    she is now roughly 9 month 12 days and 8 hours i think lol. but went want a boy now so need help with a name:D thanks

  3. I got my first springer 3 days ago! 🙂
    Hes called henry! 🙂
    Hes scared of the hover also called henry! 🙂
    Hes 2 years old! 🙂
    Absalutly Bonkers! 🙂
    He likes shoes, socks, newspaper the list is endless! 🙂
    Hes absalutly gorgus! 🙂

  4. Hi my springer is called Arrow because when we went to pick him up he had an a rrow shape on his back so we called him that. He’s eight years old and still bonkers!

  5. Fabulous dogs – lots of exercise cannot be left someone always at home or th e s**t hits the fan and off to rehome – anyone reading reflect – springers are not toys!!

  6. I stumbled on this in an image search. We had a springer when I was a child named Miko, and then we recently lost our springer named Molson, and we just got our next sweetie, but so far all i can call her is sweetie. still looking for a name!

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