Poems to Tickle your Bunny Fone

Snowflake Souffle

 Snowflake Souffle, Snowflake Souffle

Makes a lipsmacking lunch on an ice cold day

You take seven snowflakes, you break seven eggs

You stir it seven times with your two hind legs

Bake it in an igloo, throw it on a plate

and slice off a slice with a rusty rusty ice skate!

Tiny Tony and his Pony

Tiny Tony had a pony

he fed it tea and cakes

Brother Brian had a lion

he fed it juicy steaks

Tiny Tony rode his pony

to the local park

Brother Brian and his lion

followed after dark

Tiny Tony and his pony

vanished without trace

Brother Brian and his lion

licked each others face!

The above poems are extracted from the book “For Laughing Out Loud – Poems to Tickle your Bunny Fone” – ISBN 0-09-176-176-x.

I bought this a long time ago, my daughter who is now 15 was reading it this evening as she was having a sort out in her bookcase (yes she has kept every book anyone has ever bought her!).  Reading through the book, she would read out the ocassional poem that grabbed her attention.. so I thought I ould share them with you, maybe you have children who would enjoy them too :o)


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