My Husband & Daughters Trifle….

Last night when I got in from work my husband was busy making the tea (he’s off for 2 weeks, lucky so and so) along with our daughter, she likes to help :o)

Anyway… the two of them were all excited because they were making a jelly as a pudding for after tea.. they had bought the jelly that you get in the little packets which resembles a grid of little rubbery squares..     They had popped it into the microwave as per the instructions (also happened to be the quickest and easiest option for them both) and once it had melted they popped it into the fridge to set… or so they thought!

They were both expecting it to be ready as soon as they had finished their tea, the look on their faces when they went into the fridge to get it and discover that it hadnt set was priceless…

So… thats where today’s trifle comes into its own… yesterdays jelly turned into trifle.. except it doesnt have any sponge or fruit in the bottom of it or any cream on the top because they bought single cream and they didnt realise that it doesnt whip lol… my daughter had been standing in the kitchen this evening for about 20 mins trying to get it to go stiff until I entered the kitchen (i’d been upstairs all this time) then proceeded to tell them that single cream going thick is a no go-er.

So here is the finished trifle(of sorts) I have to admit i rather enjoyed it :o) 



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