We have had gale force winds howling and blowing all last night .. some recorded between 90-105 mph!

I haven’t slept a wink the whole night.. I tossed and turned unable to sleep worrying about our chickens, rabbits and wee Jerry our cat who lives in a  shed converted into a cat chalet with a run…. I eventually got up at at 4am to check everyone outside was ok

 I let the dogs out into the back garden for a pee and switched on the security light so I could see where I was going….almost wished I hadn’t.. My new greenhouse is in bits, the back end is hanging off, panels are missing, blown away in the wind and the roof hatch/window/vent has been ripped off and nowhere to be seen 😦

On a positive note tho.. The Eglu where we keep our chickens is intact and secure, it was just their food and water containers that had blown off the side of their run.

The rabbits were fine, safe and secure, and wee Jerry was tucked up in bed safe and sound, I shut his cat flap leading from his run into his chalet last night so he was fine.

My Oh ran me into work this morning and it took us 2 hours to drive 11 miles, they were only allowing cars across over the Forth Road Bridge.   It was kinda scary driving over it because you could feel the movement in the bridge!.

 Here’s hoping the winds die out soon and we get back to normal

p.s. I’ll see if I can get some photographs of the damage to my greenhouse later on this evening when I get home from work.

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