Ribbons, Paper & Things…

Today my daughter and I took a trip out in the car to a fab wee shop in the next town that sells allsorts…

I had a couple of things in mind, ribbons for my cardmaking (they have a dressmaking dept), and some new dinner plates to replace the ones that have been chipped thro the dishwasher.

In their dressmaking department they have started selling card making stuff (yay!.. cue me being like a kid in a sweetie shop!).

I bought some, well quite a few, different types of ribbon, some 12 x 12 backing papers and a pack of 3 acryllic blocks, for when my new sugar nellie stamps arrive next week (fingers crossed).

Here are some of the ribbons that I bought, I just love the heart ribbon, I bought 2 different widths of this it will make some really nice valentine cards with those :).

ribbons.jpg     valentine-ribbons.jpg

And here are the 12 x 12 papers I bought… I really love the little sweet pea paper its just soooo cute!

green-pink.jpg   pink-green.jpg    little-sweet-pea.jpg

 I got a serious bargin with the plates, they were reduced in the sale, plus I got an even bigger bargin with these other plates I bought, they only had 2 left so I bought them both lol, they will be great for putting my homemade cakes on when we have visitors.

The plain white square plates started off at £7.99 and after the reduction I got them for £1.74 each


The Flowery cake plates started off at £5.99 and after the reduction I got these 2 for £1.49 each  cake-plate.jpg

Then I spied these little beauties, cant wait to make some more muffin sized fairy cakes to put in them 🙂



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