Hearts, Flowers & the cute rabbit

I have been making cards again today.. well 3, took me ages tho lol

Here they are……..

ruby-heart.jpg   ruby-wedding-anniversary.jpg   50th-birthday-card.jpg

Trip to Edinburgh..

I’ve had a really busy weekend, and not had much time at all to come on here.

 Saturday saw us taking a trip on the train through to Edinburgh, with a view to getting my son kitted out with a few bits n pieces.  He recently joined the RAF Air Cadets, and they have been brilliant in kitting him out with the majority of what he needs, and our trip to Edinburgh saw us completing his kit.

We headed off down Leith Walk to the Army & Navy Store, managed to get him his boots, fully waterproof ones, he needed a size 10!! I wished his feet would stop growing he is only 13! they had £20 off the retail price so it was worth the trip!, then we got him these wee twiddley green things (bit like cycle clips) for keeping his combats in at the bottom, a green T-shirt, and a dark blue army jumper for my OH for his work to keep him warm.

As we came out the shop it started to snow a wee bit, the wind was bitter cold too, so we did a brisk march back up the road, stopping off at Valvona & Crolla to pick up a few treats as we were getting visitors in the evening..

I picked up a lovely wedge of Montgomery’s Cheddar, this cheese is to die for, it is absolutely gorgeous 🙂 we also picked up a freshly baked huge big farmhouse Italian cottagey type loaf, a lovely big head of Italian Garlic and some fresh Italian tomatoes on the vine.   I planned a cheese and wine evening for our friends.

Once we left Valvona & Crolla’s, the weather was getting worse, so the kids and I headed into the Omni Centre to get a spot of lunch, with the theory that once we had finished it, the weather would have improved slightly to allow us to head back for the train home.

We had a lovely lunch, and when we came out the snow/sleet had stopped and we headed along to the train station, got onto our train and went home.