The Cost of Living..

Is it just me or does anyone else think the cost of living is rocketing?

  • Mortgage rates are fairly high
  • Electricity and Gas prices have just increased (again)!
  • animal feed costs have rocketed
  • petrol and diesel are so expensive, roughly £1.03 per litre / £5.15 a gallon

I was reading stoney’s blog yesterday and he has a very interesting post regarding the increased cost of animals feeds.   I need to re-order organic layers pellets and organic mixed corn for my chickens this weekend.   I will look out the receipt for the last lot I ordered and compare it, just to see how much its gone up.

I’ve no idea how much it now costs to do a full weekly shop at a supermarket these days purely because I shop locally where possible,  it would be interesting to hear from people that do and your views on the subject.  

For the last couple of years I have chosen to shop locally for my meat(local butcher) , vegetables (local farmshop),  I buy my all my basic ingredients (flour, sugar, spices etc) from the Neeps Food Co-op.   

I do use the supermarket for the things that I just cant buy locally and my bill never really comes to much more than £40 for those items and thats for a whole month.

I make all our food from scratch, using raw ingredients to create wholesome, hearty, good, organic homemade meals and baking, I would say that I don’t spend an awful lot of money on luxuries, Now that I’ve had a wee rant about how this, I’ve decided that I will do a wee project and do an analysis of how much it costs me to produce the things I make.. i.e. each meal, the cakes,  puddings,  & the soups I make.

From now on every recipe that I post I will report just how much it cost me to make it for information.

Looking North ~ Our Walk with the Dogs.

Looking NorthOriginally uploaded by Towniesmallholder 

Its is such a beautiful day here today, the sun is shining and its almost spring-like, a perfect day for a walk with the dogs and the kids.I took the day off work today because the kids are off school for the rest of the week and rather than waste a perfect day we got our walking boots and fleeces on, and headed off across the fields with our dogs.


I have to admit to being a bit of a tree hugger when it comes to this particular tree.. for some reason I think its beautiful and I’m drawn to it for some strange reason… to me it is absolutely stunning.   The top picture is my son standing at the base of it facing north. The rest of the pictures below are of the rest of our walk… the spaniels in true fashion managed to find a big muddy puddle to paddle in whilst our irish setter just seems to run off and do her own thing 🙂

13208-010.jpg   13208-051.jpg   13208-040.jpg 

I took a few pictures of grasses and last years dried out plants.. they look rather stunning against the beautiful blue sky.

 13208-069.jpg   13208-072.jpg