The Cost of Living..

Is it just me or does anyone else think the cost of living is rocketing?

  • Mortgage rates are fairly high
  • Electricity and Gas prices have just increased (again)!
  • animal feed costs have rocketed
  • petrol and diesel are so expensive, roughly £1.03 per litre / £5.15 a gallon

I was reading stoney’s blog yesterday and he has a very interesting post regarding the increased cost of animals feeds.   I need to re-order organic layers pellets and organic mixed corn for my chickens this weekend.   I will look out the receipt for the last lot I ordered and compare it, just to see how much its gone up.

I’ve no idea how much it now costs to do a full weekly shop at a supermarket these days purely because I shop locally where possible,  it would be interesting to hear from people that do and your views on the subject.  

For the last couple of years I have chosen to shop locally for my meat(local butcher) , vegetables (local farmshop),  I buy my all my basic ingredients (flour, sugar, spices etc) from the Neeps Food Co-op.   

I do use the supermarket for the things that I just cant buy locally and my bill never really comes to much more than £40 for those items and thats for a whole month.

I make all our food from scratch, using raw ingredients to create wholesome, hearty, good, organic homemade meals and baking, I would say that I don’t spend an awful lot of money on luxuries, Now that I’ve had a wee rant about how this, I’ve decided that I will do a wee project and do an analysis of how much it costs me to produce the things I make.. i.e. each meal, the cakes,  puddings,  & the soups I make.

From now on every recipe that I post I will report just how much it cost me to make it for information.


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