Yellow Tulips

16208-022.jpg   16208-029.jpg

I bought some tulips at the supermarket last night, they had been reduced to 98p!

The have really brightened up my livingroom and look stunning up at the window

I noticed this morning whilst in the garden, that my 2 big tubs of tulips are starting to emerge, cant wait till they are in bloom theyre absolutely gorgeous here is a picture of them last year…



Spring Cleaning the Bunnies

Another gorgeous morning here ..

So off I went to the top of the garden armed with a bucket of hot water with a spot of dettol in it,  a scrubbing brush, shovel, bin bag, straw, hay and sawdust … Bunny Spring-clean!

I don’t think that I have posted any pictures of our rescue bunnies on here before, although I’ve probably mentioned them a fair bit… so here they are… Tweed is the Grey bunny and Harry is the Brown and White one 🙂

tweed.jpg  280407-107.jpg

280407-104.jpg   101107-020.jpg