Visit to our local Farm Shop

Farm Shop Veggies

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My daughter and I took a wee toot in the car along to visit Nancy Wishart at Bankhead Farm Shop.

We bought fruit and vegetables to do us for the whole of next week and also to fit in with our menu which we have planned out.

We bought : Onions, Peppers, Carrots, Brocolli, Cauliflower, Oranges, apples, plums, a pineapple and a couple of lemons and all this for just £8.50

2 thoughts on “Visit to our local Farm Shop

  1. Just out of curiosity, did they label where the produce is from? Obviously at this time of year the peppers aren’t local and the pineapple, oranges and lemons will never be, but I just wondered where the rest was from.

  2. Hi Tumuli 🙂

    They grow everything themselves, all the other things like the oranges, apples, peppers, lemons, pineapples they buy in from the Fruit Market in Edinburgh and they do label where they are from.

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