The X Factor


The X Factor Live – Glasgow SECC 23rd February 2008

Well last night seen my friend, her daughter, my daughter and I travelling through to Glasgow SECC for the X Factor Live Concert!

Oh my goodness I dont think my ears have recovered from all the wee girlies screaming, at one point I had to stick my fingers in my ears, the noise was fever pitch and almost glass breaking.   I wonder how many of them are still able to speak today!

The concert was fantastic, our seats were in not too bad a position and all the groups/singers put on a very good performance and  a good time was had by all..

The acts were… Hope, Andy, Alisha, Beverley, Futureproof, Rhydian, Niki, Same Difference and scotland’s own Leon Jackson!


The downside is leaving.. it took us an hour to get out of the car park and back up onto the Motorway, but apart from that we all had a fantastic time.


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