Hola :)

I have been a tad remiss with my blogging of late, its that time of year again… clocks spring forwards, it get lighter at night for longer … things need to be done, you know what its like..

 Some good news tho.. I got home from work last night and my lovely other half had fixed and re-build my greenhouse which had been badly damaged in Feb/Mar with the gale force winds, so he got a big cuddle for that 🙂

With the greenhouse now fixed, I can get on with planning what seeds i’m going to sew, Last year was our first year at growing veggies etc in the greenhouse and was a good learning curve for us.

I want to grow more tomatoes this year, the small cherry/bitesize toms did very well indeed and cropped all the way through the summer and autumn for us, this year tho I am going to grow them in big pots instead of growbags, that way they are more portable should the need arise for some extra room.

There are loads of jobs requiring to be done in the garden too, the raised beds need turning over and prepared for me planting..

Some of the veggies I would like to grow this year include;

Peas, broad beans, beetroot, carrots, runner beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic, leeks, brocolli,

Also, want to grow more herbs… basil, coriander, parsley… I already have thyme and rosemary in the garden.  But will have a nosey at the seed catalogues and find out what else I might fancy.

I have some chilli cherry tomato seeds that I will sow tonight in the greenhouse.

 I cant half waffle on about gardening stuff eh.. lol


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