Spanish Lesson No. 2

Last night I had my second spanish lesson, I really enjoyed myself… it was all about :

  • Saying Hello and Goodbye
  • Introducing yourself
  • getting to know people

Saying Hello

Buenos dias = Good Morning (this can be used in the mornings up to early afternoon and also use if you have not yet had your lunch)

Buenos tardes = Good afternoon & good evening (if its still light outside)

Buenos noches = Good evening (if dark outside)

Como esta? = How are you?

Bien, Gracias = Fine thanks

Y Usted? = and you?

Introducing yourself

(Yo) soy…  = I am …

(Usted) es…. = You are….

These 2 can be turned around.. for instance

Soy yo = thats me

es usted = are you

Getting to know people

Commo se llama? = Whats your name? (usted)

Como te llama = Whats your name (tu)

Me llamo = My name is

Perdon? = excuse me?

Mucho gusto = pleased to meet you

Encantada (f) or Encantado (m) = I am delighted

Sooo thats what I learned last night… I have some homework to do for next week, whereby I have to respond in spanish to questions being asked… there are 4 parts to this excecise, here is an example…

  • Buenos dias
  • (I have to greet and introduce myself) = Buenos dias yo soy Sarah…
  • Mucho gusto. yo soy patricia fonseca
  • (I didnt catch her name & have to say excuse me?) Perdon?
  • Patricia Fonseca
  • (I then have to say I’m pleased to meet her) Mucho gusto Patricia


I bought my Collins Spanish Dictionary & Grammar book (ISBN 0-00-722388-9) last night after my lesson, I also have a list of 2 other books which will help me, they give excercises and tutorials too which will help me on my way …  I’m off to finish my homework and also to practice pronouncing the alphabet again 🙂 .

I’m also getting the kids involved and teaching them what I learn too.. so that we can all practice together… 

until next tuesday …  Hasta luego (see you later)



One thought on “Spanish Lesson No. 2

  1. Hola, vivo en el norte de España, creo que has aprendido bastante en dos lecciones de español, adelante.
    Me gusta tu blog.

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