Chicken Little’s Gone Broody!

Our wee Bantam “Chicken Little” has gone broody, she is quite happy sitting inside the Eglu on the nesting well…, in the last 2 days I moved her off to lift the eggs..   Today I posted a thread on the forum asking what normally happens when one of your chookies goes broody on you, just to find out what I should do etc etc..

Now, as a result of this post, (and Julie’s reply 🙂 )   We have decided to buy some hatching eggs and put them under Chicken Little.   My daughter and I had a browse through ebay today and I have let her pick the breed and I’ve put a bid in for some …… now bearing in mind she is 15 and likes all things girlie… she chose these………. because they were white and fluffy!!

 Miniature White Bearded Silkie’s 

I’ve ordered chick crumb, and growers pellets and i’m looking to either buy a 2nd hand coop, aquire one through freecycle (a long shot) or make a small poultry arc myself.

The kids are going to love it 🙂  not told my OH yet tho LOL – he’ll be fine about it i’m sure 🙂


Another Chicken Feed Order…

I placed another order online today for my organic layers pellets and mixed corn, as i’m down to my last back of the layers and i’ve only got a quarter of a bag of mixed corn left…

I’m pleased to report that the price has come down since the last order I placed in Feb 2008!

For a 5kg sack of organic layers pellets it is now £3.52, they were £3.79 so a small saving of 27p

The 5kg super mixed corn is now £3.47, they were £3.49,  a tiny wee saving of 2p.

I also bought a 5kg sack of Chick Crumb @ £3.85 and a 5kg sack of Growers Pellets @ £3.65 (Another post to follow to explain why!)