Busy… Busy…. Busy….

I apologise for the lack of posts lately, but there does not appear to be enough hours in the day!

Last night I painted all the fences, all I can say is thank goodness for the Cuprinol spray gun thing!  So I managed to get all of the following painted:-

  • The fence that runs alongside out driveway is 6ft tall and is about 24ft Long
  • 4 x 6ftx6ft Panel Fences, at the bottom of the back garden boundary.
  • a 3ft high x 6ft long picket fence
  • The fencing that keeps our 2 rabbits safe from the dogs.
  • and finally half a shed 🙂

Monday Evening saw me weeding & spraying our driveway with weedol, its good stuff because the weeds are dried up and brown already and that was in just 24 hours!

Everything in the greenhouse is thriving, I’ll need to take more pictures as an update.. but I have only had one real disappointment so far and that was the broad beans… I sowed a whole packet and so far none have germinated and they have been in for 3 weeks… not sure how long they take to germinate, will need to read the packet when I get in from work today…

I’ve also been trying to source a 2nd hand rabbit hutch without success, they must get snapped up pretty quickly once theyre advertised in the local papers and online too!.. I can see me having to either have a go at making one or buying a new one.