Fir Pink Apple Potatoes

This evening I’ve been out in the garden planting the first batch of Potatoes into my special growing sacks..

This variety is Fir Pink Apple, I’ve not grown these before or tasted them, so I’m really looking forward to harvesting these little knobbly beauties 🙂

They are described as Long, knobbly, cigar-shaped potatoes with a pink skin and creamy yellow flesh.   Pink Fir Apple have a firm and waxy flesh that has a delicious nutty flavour.   This unusual potato is over a century old.


3 thoughts on “Fir Pink Apple Potatoes

  1. Hi,
    I grew these last year and they are indeed delicious to eat if a little knobbly to clean. Mine were slightly affected by blight but it was a very wet season for us. Last of all one of my pink fir apples won the prize for ugliest vegetable at my local horticultural show (proudest moment of my life)So good luck with yours.

  2. Hi Jane..

    Thanks for popping in and commenting on my blog..

    Its great to hear that you found them delicious, cant wait to taste them!

    Great idea about the horticultural show, I might just put some entries in this year, & well done on winning a prize at yours, ableit for the ugliest vegetable 🙂

  3. pink fir are lovely very much a salad potatoe i have some in pots in my garden and can’t wait for them to come up.

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