The Peas are Planted…

A few weeks back my daughter planted some peas in the greenhouse, she only planted around a dozen.

They are now ready to go into the garden, and yesterday we planted them out into the 3rd raised bed.

We used some chicken mesh, Bamboo canes and Stripped conifer branches to stake them out, we left a bit of the foliage at the top of each stake to protect them from birds etc.

My daughter is really excited now and cant wait until she can harvest her very own home grown Peas 🙂

Cutting back the Conifers

Last night after we had eaten our Tea, we ventured out into the garden once more.    I wanted to get all the dead weeds lifted up from the driveway.    I had sprayed them about 10 days ago with weed killer, so the kids and I all got a pair of rubber gloves on and tackled the weeds.   

Because my driveway runs along the bottom of a neighbours garden, we tend to get all their plants growing through the fence and it looks rather unsightly, so I pushed as many as i could back through the fence, then I got the loppers out of the shed and cut the remainder of them all away..  it looks so much better.

Next on the cards was the front and side lawn, so out came the lawnmower and I got the grass cut, then proceeded to take the mower round to the back garden, my daughter volunteered to cut the back lawn, so that was a big help…. ableit she moaned the whole time she was doing it!

Because we had the loppers out, I thought it might be a good idea to cut the conifers at the side of the chicken coop/run,  back a little bit to let some light through, my son gave me a hand with this, he really enjoyed himself!

We will put the cut down branches to good use, they will be used as pea stakes, so my son stripped the branches of foliage and we will be keeping the long thinner ones.. there were quite a few chunky branches, i’ll keep these for late summer when we have a BBQ and have the chimnea fired up,  and i’ll use those to burn.    I know that pine wood crackles quite a bit, but we dont mind, as it will be used outdoors.   The rest of the foliage, will be bagged up and taken to our local refuse disposal point.

Another good lot of jobs done!

White Prince Onions

I spent a lot of time out in the garden yesterday, and I managed to get around 70 of these wee onion sets into the middle raised bed, I thought I would give white onions a try this year and se how they go…  I was drawn to them because they have a strong and pronounced flavour, and I love cooking.  Looking forward to later on this year when I can use them in my dishes and see if there if you can taste the difference.

I bought them online from Marshalls Seeds and they are described as the following : –

“White Prince produces a heavy crop of semi-globe shaped bulbs with a very attractive shiny white skin and white flesh.

The flavour is strong and pronounced which is sure to make this a popular kitchen onion. White Prince is ready to harvest in early September and will store well into the new year.”

Roll on september 🙂