New Arrivals this weekend….

New Arrivals!

On Saturday 31st May 2008 I head off to Dundee to meet up with Sue from the Neeps Forum to collect the latest new additions to our family.

Their journey commenced in England, at the begining of this week and a total of 2,000 have been saved from the fate of ending up as cat/dog food.

A huge rescue operation headed by a fantastic team of volunteers, has seen them relayed up the country, with drop off points along the way to their new homes.

Have you guessed what it is we are getting yet? …  🙂

I wont keep you in suspense a minute longer then…


We are giving a home to two rescued ex-battery hens, I will do a more in-depth post including pictures this weekend once the ladies are settled into their new home.

p.s. We have not settled on names for them yet … so if you have any suggestions, they would be very much appreciated.