Rabbit Hutch Conversion to a Chicken Coop.

Rabbit Hutch Conversion to a Chicken Coop.


Front View

We spent the good part of yesterday afternoon out in the back garden converting A rather large rabbit hutch into a chicken coop.

It was currently up off the ground on four legs, we put in a couple of extra struts of wood (recycled from an old pallet) to give it extra stability and fixed in wire mesh all around the bottom, we also renewed the wire mesh on the front door as it was in a bit of a sorry state.

The right hand door opens up to reveal their sleeping quarters whereby we have put in a couple of roosting perches..  (remember the branches I cut down off the conifers and kept 😉 .. they turned out to be just the thing we needed)

The main living compartment seen us cutting out a square hatch in the floor and we made a ramp (not shown in the pictures) for them to get in and out of their coop.

Its fairly sturdy and just perfect for our Pekin Chicks, who arrive tomorrow.    Although it will be a few weeks before they move into their new abode as they will need to grow up a wee bit first 🙂



One thought on “Rabbit Hutch Conversion to a Chicken Coop.

  1. How did this work out? Did the chickens enjoy their Rabbit Hutch? I am interested in keeping chickens but have a smallish city garden, I see that the run is the size of the hutch in this instance. What is the minimum run size you would suggest for two small chickens? We have a rabbit hutch which is 5′ x 3′ and a run 5’x3′(x2’high). Would this be sufficient or cruel?

    Hope you can help,


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