6 Weeks Old Pekin Chicks…

Here are my cheeps… they are now 6 weeks old, and my friend has helped me to identify the sex of them.

First picture is our black pekin, this wee one really holds itself well and has such a lovely nature… and as I predicted it is a wee girl Yipeeeeee…. I can now pick a name for her 🙂

Then we have a lovely pair of partridge pekins, unfortunately they are both boys, and I am in the process of finding them a new home/s.  I’m quite sad, because they both come to the front of the coop to meet me.

Last but not least Punk Chick.. I literally had to pin this one down to get a picture, it squawked and struggled like hell, i’m amazed I managed to get this picture.. no ideal of the sex yet, but i’ll hazard a 99.9% bet that its a boy too.


6 thoughts on “6 Weeks Old Pekin Chicks…

  1. Hi there
    I stumbled across this lovely blog whilst trying to find tips on sexing our six pekin chicks. They’re currently just over three weeks old so probably a little early to tell, but do you have any tips on what to look for? I’ve a terrible hunch that we have more boys than girls, but I don’t have an awful lot to base it on so some advice would be very much appreciated!
    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Nicola…

      Thank you for your visit 🙂

      I’m afraid i’m no expert on sexing pekin chicks, what colours of chicks do you have and do you have any pictures?

      I have 12 eggs under 3 broody pekins at the moment and one batch of 6 are due any day …

      The last lot of chicks I got were around 6 weeks old when I got them, and I found that the combs and wattles seem more pronounced and a little bit redder on the boy chicks than the girls. Grace, the wee black pekin from last year, her comb was pale and stumpy compared to the 2 partridge boys that I had, (i’m sure I have pics somewhere on my blog that you would be able to look to give you an idea on what i’m waffling on about 🙂 ).

      Another thing to watch out for is the boys tend to start fighting with each other, pulling at each others combs and they make strange baby crowing sounds (bit like ann off little britain lol).

      Hope this helps…. Just give me a shout if you need any more help

      Take care

  2. Hi, nice work on the picture of the last one – I can’t even get a picture of my cat let alone my 6 week old barred rocks. I found your site looking for advice on sexing my one pekin chick too, but mine is only about two weeks old so I’m probably just going to have to be patient!

    Thanks for the post

    • Hi Justin..

      By the second time around with having Pekin Chicks I kinda had a rough idea who were girls and who the boys were.

      Because I had a few of them, by the time 6 weeks came if there were boys in the bunch they were starting to fight with each other, even at such a young age, unbelieveable when you think about it… and they were even attempting to make crowing noises!!

      Good luck with your barred rocks and your pekin chick, what colour is it?

      Take care

  3. I have just had 4 partridge pekin chicks hatch. I do have a hunch that there are 3 boys and 1 girl!! Last lot we hatched we ended up with 6 boys & 1 girl, would ouy believe!! Happily though they all got on famously and I only had to take on cock away who was getting picked on and he is now living happily with 3 maran bantams. They say the amount of tail feathers can determin the sex but I think at the end of the day you just have to wait and see. It’s just a shame that by the time you can tell the sex you have became attatched to the lads!!!!!

  4. Hi
    I am trying to sex our 4week old Pekin chicks and have conflicting info, one I know is male red large comb and wattles, but one which had feathered the fastest and i thought female (because of this) has stared to get a reddish comb? Whereas two I thought male (because still have hardly any feathers) have yellowish combs? Any help would be really great

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