I have one blackcurrant bush in my garden, and when I was out cutting the grass tonight I noticed the little purple berries peeking from beneath the leaves…

I popped into the kitchen to get a container, and 5 mins later I had half a tub of gorgeous juicy blackcurants, I weighed them …. 290g! not bad from one bush 🙂

I’ve just got to make some blackcurrant jam with them, you just cant beat some hot buttered toast spread thick with blackcurrant jam… (my mouth is watering here lol).


3 thoughts on “Blackcurrants….

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  2. Hi I’m just tag surfing and I came across your blackcurrants. I love the look of your jam. I’m hoping to try it soon. Thanks for posting the recipe!

  3. Hi Elaine… thanks for popping into my blog 🙂

    I dont think this jam even lasted a week when I made it, it was sooo good, you won’t be disappointed with the recipe..

    let me know how you get on

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