My Daughters Cowgirl Themed 16th Birthday Party!

My daughter will be 16 on the 22nd July.

This weekend she is having 5 friends round for a birthday party here at the house, a cowgirl camping out themed party and I have a heap of organising to do for it… 

My other half wont be around much for the next 2 weeks, he is working flat out so this leaves me with more or less everything to do…

Today I am planning to erect the 8 man tent! … goodness knows how on earth i’ll manage that, I remember every time we went camping it took us a good couple of hours to suss out how to put the thing up!    Now where did I put that big groundsheet? its been a good few years since we’ve used the tent  🙂

We went out shopping the other day and picked up balloons and streamers all adorned with 16,  also some glitzy sparkly hanging things that I can decorate the tent with, tablecloth, napkins, plates and cups, all 16 themed.   The little pink organza party bags are made up and good to go, they contain a cupcake cell phone charm, sparkly beads, a lovely hair clasp, a small bag of thorntons sweeties and a bottle of nail polish, hopefully the girls will love them.

I will over the next few days be posting quite a few recipes, of all the things I make for the party, what have I let myself in for 🙂

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