First attempt at growing Carrots….

I planted some carrot seeds back in April and the other day I pulled a few just to see if they were ready and they were 🙂  A real success given the horrendous summer we have had.

The variety sown was Unwins Early Scarlet Horn, they taste fabulous too.

My neighbours must have thought I was mad dancing around the garden with a small bunch of carrots,….. do I care… not one bit 🙂

It is just the best feeling in the whole wide world harvesting vegetables planted from seed.

6 thoughts on “First attempt at growing Carrots….

  1. Congrats!…. There is nothing better than fresh pulled carrots form your garden…we used to call those types of carrots, thumbalinas, due to their size and shape – should be extra sweet…I hope we see a few recipes from you using your fantastically fresh carrots…

    I have a cream of carrot soup that’s super easy to make if you are interested.
    Cheers and bravo to you!

  2. Hi Chefmaven, thankyou for your kind comments and for popping by..

    I hope to have some yummy carrot recipes on here very soon.

    I would certainly love to have your cream of carrot soup recipe

    Take care x

  3. super job…congrats indeed…both for the gardening success and the splendid shots…this visit left me craving some good soup…cheers

  4. Thanks Jane 🙂

    I have a few rows of beetroot right next door to the carrots, and like the carrots I wasn’t seeing the tops of anything above the soil…

    Might just need to pull one to day to see if they’re ready too 🙂

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