It’s our anniversary tomorrow, we will have been married for 18 years ! !  .. where did the time go 😉

I made the card this morning for my husband, whilst he was out working,  nothing too fancy, just plain and simple, and words that meant something, rather than just “happy anniversary” and I absolutely love the way this card has turned out.   Once it was finished, I sealed it in its envelope and placed it on the fireplace behind a big candle holder, slightly hidden, so he would get it in the morning.

In case your wondering why I’m posting this before our anniversary, what if my husband see’s the card before the big day…. I’ll let you all into a secret…

When he came home from work I had to type up a quote for a job he had just priced, I did this, handed him my laptop and left him to go print it out upstairs….

I went out into the back garden, my son was cleaning out the rabbits and I went to see how he was getting on… five minutes later, my husband appears, wraps his arms around my waist from behind and plants a huge big kiss on my neck, thanks for the card he says ………….arghhhh I couldn’t believe he’d opened it!

He had of course, completely forgot about our anniversary, let alone that it was tomorrow,  and thought I had made him a nice wee card, as I do from time to time.   

Before he came into the garden he’d asked our daughter, in and flap, what day it was… she said it was sooo funny, wished i’d been a fly on the wall 😉

So that’s why I’ve been able to post the picture of the anniversary card.

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