Join in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Join in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

I can’t believe a year has passed since we held this event… a very worthwhile cause, and a charity dear to my own  heart,  losing my mum to this dreadful disease 4 years past.

Tomorrow at work, we are holding another Coffee morning in conjunction with the Macmillan Cancer Apppeal for the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning.

This is a great way to raise funds, it gets the troops at work eating good, wholesome, additive free, home baking whilst contributing to a good cause 🙂   

I have been happily baking away in the kitchen all evening and hope to get some pictures and recipes up soon.

I just need to keep the vultures (Hubby & Kids) from hovering around the kitchen long enough to get the goodies safely put into containers to take to work tomorrow morning!


I have to thank Sam @ MacMillan Cancer Support, who contacted me though my blog and left some lovely comments… 🙂

Sam also left me an information video on the fundraising work that MacMillan Cancer Support carry out… Please take time out to have a look at this very worthwhile cause.  

MacMillan Cancer Support

4 thoughts on “Join in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

  1. We normally do this at work but I think everyone’s forgotten this year! I’m not in tomorrow anyway – maybe I can come and have some of your cakes!!!!!
    (I know how hard it is to stop the family from scoffing them)

  2. What a wonderful blog this is.

    I was sat at my desk when I discovered your space and squealed with delight! I work at Macmillan in the press team and it is great to see your post on World’s Biggest Coffee Morning! We get very excited when we see people chatting about our fundraisers 🙂

    I wondered if you would be interested in seeing a short video clip we have made to help us spread the word for World’s Biggest Coffee Morning? Perhaps I could post it here?

    Look forward to hearing from you, and best of luck at your coffee morning!


  3. Hi Sam and thank you for dropping in to my blog 🙂

    You will be pleased to know that our worlds biggest coffee morning went very well indeed and we raised a a fair amount of money, which will be heading your way rather soon 🙂

    I would be really interested in seeing your short video clip and if I can work out the logistics I;ll try and get it incorporated into my blog for you…

    Once again thanks for your visit and kind comments.. you all do a grand job there at Macmillan Cancer

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