Smoked Garlic & Ecoballs

I went of a little shopping expedition yesterday as a friend had mentioned that Aldi were doing a special offer on ecoballs, and I had always fancied trying them…

Whilst I was in the shop I had a good wander around and at the veggie section found some Smoked Garlic… now i’ve never had it before and bought some to give it a try, thought it might be nice in chicken or steak fajitas, and it comes all the way from the Orkney Isles in Scotland 🙂 


Now the ecoballs are good for 150 washes! which on the leaflet that came with it states that each wash works out at about 6pence.. cant be bad… you also get replacement top up pellets and a 45ml tube of eco stain remover for heavy stains.

I shall do another post on the verdict and how clean they get the clothes.


There are a few handy instructions that came with it and they are : –

  • Do not use in a boil wash
  • No need for a rinse cycle
  • No need for fabric softner

One thought on “Smoked Garlic & Ecoballs

  1. That looks really good I might have to make a trip to aldi though it’s not somewhere I usually go.
    Smoked garlic is great and I usually only see it on holidays in the highlands

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