Frugal Raspberry Jam


I picked up 3 x punnets of raspberries last night reduced from £1.98 per pack down to 40p a pack a saving of £4.74.

The result – a half litre kilner jar full to the brim of freshly made raspberry jam… the smell in the kitchen last night was amazing.

I had some on my toast this morning for breakfast and its delish..

Recipe :

454g Fresh Rasps
454g Granulated Sugar
The Juice of 1 x Lemon.

Method :

Take a heavy based pan and set it on a low heat

Empty the rasps into the pan and squish a few to get the juices going

Once they have sqished and melted a good bit, add the sugar, still on the low heat until fully dissolved.

Bring to a rolling boil and add lemon juice


Continue cooking for about 15 mins or so and keep checking a wee bit on a plate for a set (sticky and wrinkly when you run your finger through).

Once ready decant into a sterilised warmed kilner or jam jar.

Total Cost : £2.00
Rasps £1.20
lemon £0.30
Sugar £0.50 (approx based on a bag of sugar costing £1)


3 thoughts on “Frugal Raspberry Jam

  1. mmm, i love jam. I have made blackberry jam every year for 14 years or so with completely free blackberries which grow in our local country park, you cant beat it.

  2. Thankyou for popping by ladies 🙂

    Laila… it is a simple recipe, and the taste is out of this world.

    Maisie… 14 years worth of free blackberries, fantastic! I hope to make some bramble jam this autumn 🙂

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