Vale’s Everest Potato (Maincrop)


A new part coloured potato from Scotland, Vales Everest has a highish dry matter content and makes excellent chips and bakes well too. As a maincrop it’s ready from Setpember and stores well into the winter. Gives excellent crops of large oval tubers. A Maincrop variety. Skin Colour – White. Flesh Colour – Cream. Uses – steam, mash, chips, saute, baked and roast.

Tuber characteristics
Smoothness of skin   Smooth
Shape of tuber   Short – oval
Depth of eyes   Shallow – medium
Colour of skin   Red parti-coloured
Colour of flesh   Cream
Botanical description
Maturity   Maincrop
Height of plants   Tall
Frequency of berries   Few
Colour of flower   White
Colour of base of lightsprout   Pink


Plant : April / May

Harvest : August/September

Cost : £0.50 for 12 Tubers (at reduced counter in local garden centre)

Planted Sunday 26th April 2009

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