Tomato Plant Infestation by Spiders

Yesterday we potted up our tomato plants….


6 of them on the worktop and 2 on the floor…..

Today I went in to water them, turned around to water the 2 on the floor and saw this …


What on earth was all that yellow and black stuff, I thought…?!?

Went into the house to get my camer and my son (as backup) 🙂

Asked him to take the plant and pot outside, he moved the pot a little and they started to scarper…



Does anyone know what kind of spiders they are??

4 thoughts on “Tomato Plant Infestation by Spiders

  1. Oh Jane they were horrible, I’ve been scratching and itching all afternoon, they have now been removed from the greenhouse and are up beside the trees at the back of the garden {Shudders}

  2. I’m in the Pacific NW and have seen these little devils. I was fascinated at first, when I didn’t have a garden, but they love my tomato and eggplants. I’ve been told spiders are good because they eat harmful insects, but I don’t think these insidious, crafty little ones got the memo. Just looking it up when I saw your pics. I’ve taken some video of their scarpering!

    • Hi Amy….

      Thanks for visiting 🙂

      I removed the tomato plant and put it up at the far end of the garden, thankfully they have now vacated the tomato plant and have found a home elsewhere (hopefully across the fence to my neighbours garden) 🙂

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