Name the Birdie!

Name the Birdie!

This is our Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantam girl, isn’t she gorgeous!

She needs a name and I thought i’d ask my ask all my lovely townie blog followers if they would like to come up with a name for her…


Sooo… all suggestions welcome


She’s just tooo cute 🙂


Really looking forward to hearing your name ideas 🙂

9 thoughts on “Name the Birdie!

    • Thank you to everyone that contributed names for this lovely little lady…

      As some of you may already know, one of the chicks was a wee boy, and unfortunately due to the close proximity of neighbours, I could not keep him.. I tried in vane to find him a new home, but no-one wanted him… so in order to secure him a lovely new home and future, I had to sell the 2 other girls with him as part of a trio (including the one in the picture) .

      I felt soooo bad, and the day the family came to collect them, I felt like I had sold my own children.. think I cried for the rest of the night..

      They did however go to a good home and for that I am thankful.

      Thankyou everyone 🙂

      • Oh that is such a Shame but i know how you feel as i had to do just the same.
        i hatched a little chick which turned out to be a boy and who became very aggressive towards us and the only way i could sell him was as part of a trio so had to let my 2 great layers go too.
        I have just got 4 pekins and they are so cute.
        Hope you get some more soon

        all the best

      • It broke my heart letting those girls go, they were absolutely gorgeous, but to ensure the wee cockerel got a good home, I had to sacrifice the girls and sell them as a trio 😦

        I love pekins, so I hope you have loads of fun with your new girls, they are real characters 🙂

        I just have the one pekin now, a bantam and a normal sized light sussex

        Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment, also for adding me to your blogroll… I have done the same

        Take Care xx

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