Edinburgh.. a day trip to the german market

We took a day trip into Edinburgh to visit the german market and the winter wonderland festival…

Did you know that Edinburgh Castel is built on top of an extinct volcano?

This is the big wheel in the Princes Street gardens and the Scott Monument is directly behind it.

This regal looking lady sits on top of the Gallery at the start of the market/festival

and in the lower section of the princes street gardens there is the winter wonderland ice skating rink

We walked along the path and it took us directly under the Scott Monument, a magnificent piece of architecture

then just to the right of the monument there was a merry go round with loads of chairs attached to it.

We then went on to have some lunch as it was absolutely freezing cold, it must have been about -3 degrees there today and because we were all sooo cold, we headed back to the Waverly Train Station to catch the train back home…

Just before the train arrived the sun was setting and I managed to snap this picture from the platform, the sky was a beautiful colour, this photograph is unedited in any way

Hope you enjoyed a brief trip around Edinburgh…


2 thoughts on “Edinburgh.. a day trip to the german market

  1. Sarah, I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your trip to Edinburgh…loved the tour very much….I lived in the UK for three years and never ever made it to Scotland…Gotta go some time…Micki

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