Frugal Flowers

I got a bargin yesterday at the supermarket… these gorgeous flowers for a mere £0.23

A lovely splash of colour to brighten up the lounge with all this awful snowy weather we have been having of late.

11 thoughts on “Frugal Flowers

  1. Hi Townie! Just wanted to drop in and tell you I’ve posted some Land Rover pics! It isn’t of my Hubby’s Lightweight but is a new to me Rover. 🙂 I think you’ll appreciate it’s beauty. 😉

    • Joan… thanks so much for popping over and giving me the heads up… I’ve been over and left you a comment….

      She is one fine specimen of a Landie… thanks so much for sharing the pics and I hope you have many many years of fun in her xx

    • Hi there Alifoodie…

      Apologies for the long absence in my posts, I have been spending far too much time crafting in my workshop and doing more blog posts on my craft blog than over here… it has been well and truely neglected, which I’ve put right today 🙂

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