National Pet Parents Day

Were you all aware that April 25th is National Pet Parents Day?    My friend Natasha wrote a blog post today which I have just read,  I never even knew that  it existed… so thank you Natasha, I hope my collection of furry and feathered friends spoil me rotten at the weekend…. 😀  Somehow I think not lol

I shall leave you all with this picture of my Springer Spaniel Boy … only a mother could love, bless his wee furry tail… I came downstairs the other morning to find him flaked out on the sofa 🙂


One thought on “National Pet Parents Day

  1. I have told ALL of my critters about tomorrow, so I am expecting the housework to be done in the style of that oh so cute TV ad! NOT!! I love the pic of your boy dog, I think that is one of my favourite positions a dog can lay in – it demonstrates just how much they love & trust you to show their vulnerbale side (even if it’s not the prettiest view lol!). Love n hugs, Sara x

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