Out Walking the Dog

Just thought I would share some pictures I snapped yesterday whilst out walking the dog over the fields 🙂

This for some reason is my fav tree, I have no idea why, I just love it and it makes me want to hug it 🙂

I snapped this rusty old hinge on a wooden fence post

Chunky managed to throw himself into the burn for a swim

And these gorgeous little flowers were growing everywhere, I later found out that they are called Cuckoo Flowers

I called this next picture Dandelion Hill, seeing as this was the only dandelion growing on the hill

Chunky again, this time with his chops tucked in 🙂 .. he had been swimming again!

More Cuckoo Flowers.. they are beautiful

More swimming…

and a few of last years skeletons

Hope you enjoyed the walk 🙂

3 thoughts on “Out Walking the Dog

  1. That tree is lovely. Reminds me of a photo my husband took when we first moved to Wales a few years ago.

    Is your dog a spaniel?

  2. Thanks so much for dropping by I’m glad you like the tree too.. I love it 🙂

    Our dog is a springer spaniel, he’ll be 3 this year, still as daft as a brush but we love him to bits

  3. I really like that tree. Reminds me of Japanese bonsai trees. And of course the photos of Chunky are always nice to see. Guess you don’t have a problem bathing him since he seems to love water. The flowers are beautiful. Wierd name but pretty flowers. Thanks for posting this. My opportunity to see a tiny bit of Scotland from here in the USA.

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