Another Baby comes to visit

I’ve had to keep the dogs in all day today because Mrs Blackbird brought her baby round to show me and it stayed all day, she tucked it away in a purple bush-thing at the woodland corner of my garden..

I watched Mrs Blackie travel back and forward all day feeding her baby, so when she left her baby to find more worms and insects I grabbed by camera and sneaked in for a photograph 🙂

One thought on “Another Baby comes to visit

  1. They’re lovely when the yellow outer beak colour’s still there (I nearly typed ‘lips’ instead of beak!) I’ve lost count of how many broods our blackbirds have had, both pairs of birds are feeding yet another lot of offspring.

    We’ve lots of baby great and bluetits here, and also a new baby robin.

    Still haven’t had much of a response from my friends about the sugar alternative but shall keep trying.

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