Sugar Free Fairy Cakes

Back in April our 15 yr old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and as a result is now insulin dependent 😦

He absolutely loves fairy cakes and if you are a follower of my blog then you will already know this with the amout of different variations I make.. well I decided to experiment a bit, and this morning I made them sugar free

I recently discovered a product called SPLENDA®  it is an alternative to sugar’s what it has to say on their website…

“Whilst a healthy lifestyle is recommended for everyone, it is especially important for people with diabetes. SPLENDA® is suitable for people with such a condition, as it contains only a fraction of the calories and carbohydrates of sugar. Sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA®, is not recognised by the body or broken down for energy, so it has no effect on insulin or blood glucose levels.”

Sugar Free Fairy Cake Recipe:-

  • 4oz low fat margarine
  • 8 tablespoons of splenda which is the equivalent to 4oz
  • 4oz Organic Wholemeal self raising flour
  • 2 medium eggs (organic from my own chickens)

Makes 6 muffin sized fairy cakes – I use a muffin tray and muffin paper cases

Method :-

  1. Cream the margarine and splenda together until light and fluffy
  2. add the eggs and mix well.. I added a little flour as the mix started to split
  3. add the remaining flour and mix well
  4. Divide the mixture into the cases.muffin tin
  5. Bake at 180 degrees C for 20-25 mins
  6. Allow to cool slightly then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely.

Update… I just tried one and boy are they sweet! but its a different kind of sweetness if you know what I mean, they leave a sweet after taste in your mouth, they turned out ok, before they cooled down I thought they were going to be dry and grumbly, but they were soft and moist inside just like a fairy cake…

I am going to need to make more of these in the future so will try tinkering around with the recipe a bit and add less of the splenda the next time.


9 thoughts on “Sugar Free Fairy Cakes

  1. This sounds like a great idea, but I’m always suspicious of what manufacturers say about their products. They want you to buy it, so most of it is going to be hype. And by the by, 8 tablespoons is a heck of a lot of artificial sweetener, both flavour and health wise! You got me curious about this, though so I had a look for stuff on Splenda (which I’m pretty sure I’ve had, myself) and this might be of interest:

    I’m sorry your son’s got diabetes, it’s a horrible condition – I’ve friends with it, including a friend I’ve known since childhood – but there are other ways for diabetics to eat food they like and still be healthy. If you want, I could ask a couple of my diabetic friends for ideas.

    • Hi there and thanks for popping into my blog and leaving a comment..

      I have made these again and tinkered around with the splenda, they were just too sweet when I first made them, your right about keeping diabetic kids away from sweets, my son is awful, he gets found out every time when I check his trouser pockets before putting them in the washing machine 🙂

  2. I took it for granted that what it said on the splenda box was correct…. like for like in terms of sugar so I used 100 grammes of splenda in my mixture…. as Splenda is very light in weight it took a cnsiderable amount to make up 100g. They are in the oven now but I think judging by the comments on 8 tablespoons they are going to be a little on the sweet side!!!…. Better luck next time!

  3. I just came across your recipe while searching for a good no-sugar cupcake recipe – I am an adult who does not eat sugar for health reasons. Splenda is an ARTIFICIAL sweetener and I would never feed an artificial sweetener to my child or eat one myself. You really might want to try a 100% natural sugar substitute. Xylitol and Stevia are all-natural sugar substitutes. Xylitol is my favourite, as it has the consistency and taste of sugar; I find Stevia too sweet and I don’t like the taste as much, but it seems to be very popular. Good luck!

    • Hi there.. apologies for not getting back sooner, my advice would be not to use this in fairy cakes, when i made them they tasted awful (to me) as i dont like artificial sweetners, but I guess if you use it sparingly then you should be ok as a little goes a very long way taste wise 🙂

  4. Hi i have had a gastric bypass so can no longer tolerate sugar… also being type 2 diabetic suga s not good for me… so i use splanda all the tme when making cakes. hen doing fairy cakes…. i use 8 tablespoons and i make 16.. 200g of everything else and 2 eggs… so i would suggest halfing the splenda for 8 cakes and see i the are sweet enough… if they are not sweet enough you could always add a few raisins to the mixture as this adds to the natural sweetness xx

    • Thanks so much for popping in Lorraine and your information is valued 🙂

      I have to say we didnt enjoy these, and my feeling was, that there was far too much sweetner in them, but being my first time using it, I followed the recipe to the word..

      Have you tried the new sweetner that is out at the moment that is derived from plants?

      I might pick some up the next time i’m at the shops and give that a try out.

      Take care


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