Squirrels always visit when it rains

I always get a wee squirrel visitor to the garden, but it only seems to visit when its raining… I wonder why?

Lovely to look out the kitchen window and see tho’  just look how it’s holding it’s wee hands together.. awww 🙂

Then it seen me and looked straight in the window …

There was also a wood pigeon walking along the roof of my workshop, beautiful colours, i’d thrown some bread and birdseed up there especially for the bigger birds that cant make it to the feeders 🙂


One thought on “Squirrels always visit when it rains

  1. How cute! We feed ours peanuts and every now and then (because I’m crazy) I make them peanut butter sandwiches. Cute to see them holding the little triangles in those hands. Pigeons noticed birdseed on the ground in our yard one day and now come every day. They don’t usually leave until every seed is gone. The squirrels aren’t even afraid of our dog who’s a large 90 lb greyhound. They know he doesn’t chase them when he’s in the yard and they’re back there so they ignore him and continue eating. They’re very lucky he doesn’t have a strong prey drive.

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