Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I was sitting in the lounge this morning updating my crafting blog with a new post and I looked over to the sofa where Chunky was crashed out…..

Surely this can’t be comfy Chunky….

Still sleeping he started licking his lips lol… they must have been sore ….. Chunky?

Did someone mention my name?

Oh Hi mum………Cheese!

6 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

    • Hi Jacqueline…

      Thanks so much for popping into my blog and leaving such a nice comment…

      Chunky is the funniest wee dog ever, we all love him to bits 🙂

      Hope you managed to find a strawberry cake recipe ok

      Sarah 🙂

  1. Hi Sarah: I’d received your comments, went back into your blog to find ATCs and wound up in 2008. It was a great card. I don’t Flickr or Tweet, or Facebook, or all those other things. It’s all I can do just to run my website (which is gathering cobwebs) and write a blog. So I’m going to subscribe if I can find the subscribe button (is it in here?) because I love to keep up with people in Scotland, which I think is a beautiful country. The Dog photos are a riot. Reminds me of my husband….no, just kidding.

    Are you going to get back into ATCs? I hope so. It would be fun to trade. Stay warm. Stay safe, and have a wonderful week. Patsye

    • Hi Patsye…

      I forgot to mention I had this blog too 🙂 this is the one where I write about my animals, gardening and cookery, I have added a subscription option to the top of the right hand side bar, didn’t realise I hadn’t put one on this blog.

      Glad you like the dog photos, he’s my loveable rogue 😉

      I’d really like to get into ATC’s, but would need more practice at them, as i’m not that good at them, but will make a point of making some to see how I go, then I;d love to take part in a wee swap or 2 😉

      Sarah x

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I decided I’m going to use your recipe. 🙂 I’ll pop back and let you know when I make it. If you decide to get into the ATC’s please let me know. I love them and I love trading them too! Have a great day hon and thanks so much for everything.


    • Hi Jacqueline… thanks for the message, look forward to hearing how you get on with the recipe 🙂

      Seriously thinking about doing some ATC’s, I have 3 days holiday off work this week, and fancy a wee change, keep an eye on my crafty blog for them coming up in the next day or so and i’ll put a wee bit on there about trading etc as this is all new to me 🙂


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