Its Springtime…

It is a beautiful spring day here today, I was up bright and early this morning!

I cleaned the kitchen, put on several loads of washing and hung them all out on the line as there is a lovely fresh spring breeze blowing, perfect drying weather.

I have cleaned out Brenda and chicken Little (the chickens).

I also cleaned out Harry and Tweed the bunnies, I always take brenda in with me she likes to hang out with the rabbits 😉

I also took a few pictures from around the garden.. oh and made Nigella Lawson’s Lemon Madeira Cake …

Here’s some of the pictures from this morning 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend everyone x

The Lone Daffodil (I only have one in the back garden… need to plant more in the autumn)

The Pink Peony Rose shoots are starting to emerge

Tweed our Elderly Netherland Dwarf Bunny

The lovely natured Harry.,. such a sweet rabbit

Brenda our Partridge Pekin Bantam supervising the rabbit cleaning!

Some fungi growing up in the far corner of the garden

Pink tulips just about to bloom

I planted this rowan tree as a stick 14 years ago, I bought it when my daughter was in Primary One!

and Finally the Lemon Madeira Cake.. I have already posted this recipe on my blog in a previous year, but it is such a gorgeous cake I just had to make one today 🙂