Sunny Sunday in the Garden

It is thee most beautiful day here today, the sun is shining and my garden is looking lovely, the tulips have finally emerged and they are a gorgeous purple colour..

I have quite a few dandelions kicking around too.. but have left them growing on purpose as they will provide the rabbits and chickens with some greenage 🙂

There is a mound of chives at the top end of the garden and they are just about to burst into flower..

and finally the welcome sign on the outside of my craft workshop 🙂

I’m heading back into the garden now to cut the grass and sow a few herbs, chillies and flower seeds in the greenhouse 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday in the Garden

  1. absolutely adore these beautiful images of your glorious blooming flowers. I am soaking up the last weeks of cactus & wildflower blooms here in the Mojave. It is so sad when the color show ends

  2. Gorgeous tulips. Our chives are incredibly tall now and in full flower (but it’s a while since you posted this, so yours must be, too).

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