100 Mph Winds Batter Scotland .. .. .. and my Garden

We have suffered terrible winds here in Scotland today.. 100mph gusts of wind have battered the country, ripped up trees, blown trees over, blown all the beautiful fresh new leaves off the trees and wrecked my greenhouse and garden fence 😦

I don’t think we are going to be able to repair it this time somehow…

The fence at the back of the garden also took a hammering….

Seems the fence is beyond repair too 😦

It took ages to get home this evening too… because they closed the Forth Road & Rail Bridges.. and the main route M8 @ Junction 1a was completely closed due to an overturned lorry so we had to drive towards Glasgow and cut across country to get to the Kincardine Bridge.. the roads were really busy and gridlocks in some places.. but the main thing was everyone was safe and we made it home eventually…  after all fences and Greenhouses can be replaced.


4 thoughts on “100 Mph Winds Batter Scotland .. .. .. and my Garden

  1. Oh Sarah, that’s awful. I am glad you’re safe. I don’t know what is going on with the world’s weather! We’re having some pretty bad weather here in the USA too. In some areas entire towns have been wiped out by tornadoes. I’m fortunate that what we’ve had in New York is rain and nothing more devastating.

    • Hi Lorraine.. the world’s weather certainly seems to be throwing everything at us lately doesnt it!

      Today has been a real mixture of torrential rain, brilliant sunshine and blue skies, then hailstorms and some wind thrown in for good measure.. 🙂

    • Hi Val…

      Everything settled down.. we have managed to build the greenhouse back up again, but need to buy more of the clips for holding the perspex panels in place… we had more wind last night and a panel blew off, luckily I was in my workshop and just popped it back inside the greenhouse.

      The weather is very changeable today.. torrential rain, sunshine, blue skies and hailstones 🙂

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