My Home Town : Dunfermline

I grew up in the town of Dunfermline and when I got married a long time ago moved out of the area… now every now and again we’ll pop back for a visit and yesterday I grabbed my camera and we took a walk around the town and into Pittencrieff Park.

Here are some of the pictures that I snapped yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

Dunfermline Town Clock.

A Saltire Flag blowing in the wind at the entrance to the “Glen” Pittencrieff Park Gates

I loved these old steps they were inside Pittencrieff Parkย 

One of the many grey squirrels that reside at the park

This one looks like he’s rolling a joint ๐Ÿ™‚

A cute little cobbled bridge surrounded by lush green vegitation

This is a view from the cobbled bridge once we had crossed it… reminds me of something out of Lord of the Rings ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a view to the left once you are over that little bridge.. it looks up towards Dunfermline Abbey

There are several caves in the park and this is one of them.. it is said that William Wallace used one of the caves to hide in from English Soldiers.

This burn (stream) runs through the whole park..

The park is filled with huge trees of many different kinds that are hundreds of years old.. it’s good to see that many of them are still standing after the gale force winds that we had last week.

There is a lot of moss around the bottom end of the glen and I noticed these little flower/seed heads growing out of this patch of moss…

Beutiful yellow poppies growing in the dense undergrowth..

My son poking around the burn with a stick..they were twig racing in the burn and my son’s stick had become stuck and he was recovering it to rejoin the “Race” … your never too old to enjoy yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

A gorgeous lig leafy canopy overhead with blue skies up above

The sun shone of this clump of ferns and they just lit up

This tree was HUGE … but on closer inspection….

Can you see the old mans head in the bottom of the tree with his rather impressive chin and beard?

A rather large rhoddodendron, I loved all its branches

Beautiful Pink head of Rhododendrom Flowers

The path up to Dunfermline Abbey… it had started to rain notice my hubby and daughter under the brolly walking up towards Dunfermline Abbey….. ย See the silver barrier to the left of the photograph? ย That was there to keep you away from the hole in the wall where this poor casualty of the winds must have fallen last week…

A fallen Giant… i wonder how old it was?

These are the ruins of Dunfermline Palace… I used to play here when I was younger.. it’s all fenced off now and you have to pay to go in for a look around these days…

Another view of the Palace from the old cobbled street of Catherines Wynd..

Dunfermline Abbey … by the time we reached it, it had started to rain

The four sides of the tower at Dunfermline Abbey read “King Robert The Bruce”

A view of Dunfermline Abbey from the May Gate

Along the May Gate you can find Abbott House which I believe is haunted and is steeped in history..

Abbott House was recently painted a few years ago back to it’s original colour and they commissioned new gates and iron workings… which are pretty impressive

there are some really nice and unusual iron craftings on the tops of the gate posts

This one looks like a dragon carrying something in its mouth

A plaque above the front door of Abbot House… not sure what it translates to, but it is on my to do list to try and find out ๐Ÿ™‚

A building showing off a lovely outline walking up Guildhall Street on out way back to the car park as we headed home ๐Ÿ™‚ finishing off out wee walk around “the glen” (Pittencrieff Park).


3 thoughts on “My Home Town : Dunfermline

  1. Since word is thrall (binding – related to enthrall) and thought is free, keep well (hold) your tongue, I council (advise) you.

  2. I am from Stirling and remember this park from my younger days but couldn’t remember where it was. Seing these photos has brought back fond memories. . I now live in Clackmannanshire not too far away. My hubbie’sfrom Edinburgh and he’s never been there I’ll get him to take a wee run there soon.
    Your photos are fab I especially like the ferns with the lite shining through. Very Clever.
    Thanks for the memories lol!!

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